Monday, April 23, 2007

So... desuka!

I've finally realised where all the old people in Tokyo are... they are in Asakusa! It's a lovely part of the city slightly up north which gives one a feeling of being in an older part of Tokyo. There were loads of older folks here.. hehhehe. I'm learning more and more about life here:

1) Different people hangout in different parts of the city. One would hardly see youngsters from Harajuku or Shibuya or Shinjuku around the Ginza area.

2) Most women wear REALLY high heels and walk super fast. Hence their feet are a little deformed and they tend to walk bow-legged.

3) Shopping in Ameyoko is amazing! Bought a cool red Adidas tennis skirt among other things for only RM 15! Loads of food everywhere.

4) One can buy anything and everything from the 100 Yen shop. It's exactly like the One Pound Shops in UK.

5) Everyone's really well dressed either made up or in suits.

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Ronnie said...

1) Ginza is for "office ladies or known as OL", more up market. Harajuku is catered for teenager while Shibuya is mainly for 18-30 crowd. Shinjuku is very big, everyone goes to there. You can find Tiffany's to government offices to Park Hyatt to red light district and sex shops.

2) Didnt you notice that many Japanese girls wear really knee or thigh length kinky stockings? ; ))