Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"We are going to crash into the clouds"

Our tour guide, Tadashi, kept saying that when we were about to board the Ropeway at Hakone's Mt Komagatake - the second highest volcano in Hakone. Haha. He's a really cute old man who was waving a little red Mickey Mouse flag about to ensure we didn't get lost.

The day started far to early for my liking :P ... had to drag myself out of bed at about 6am and trudge along towards Royal Park Hotel for the Hato Bus pick-up. By 9.30am, we were on the way to Mt Fuji and I was nodding away towards the "little" Spanish boy who happened to be sitting next to me. He actually filled more than his seat and more into mine. :P

Nevertheless, the tour guide was entertaining with stories of Japan's past and the Shogun. He even gave us a dose of his viewpoint about the previous and current Prime Minister. Apparently, they both strive to be obedient to the American President, for trade reasons. He also taught us to make an erupting Mt Fuji so we would have our own "personal" Mt Fuji's. Hahahaha. Ask me and I might just teach you. ;) He also left us with some instructions on how to make a Shogun's helmet. Kewl. I'm gonna try with newspaper when I get back. Apparently, it's just the right size for a normal sized head. :P

Mt Fuji was glorious today, albeit for a short period of time. According to Tadashi, Mt Fuji is a shy mountain. So much for that. Anyways, I have been inspired to climb it. R's climbed it. I just need to find kaki to go with. I reckon that'll be harder than it sounds. Sigh.

The day ended with a ride on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)... I actually thought it was going to be so fast that everything outside would be a blur... hahaa. Not. But it was a restful ride nevertheless.

Anyways, it was a lovely day and we're off to Yokohama tomorrow. Here're some pics from yesterday and today.

People are so considerate. Those with flu/cough don face masks so they don't pass on their germs to others. I took the shot because I noticed the word "pumpkin" on the advert, since I couldn't read anything else! Haha.

This little girl was trying to clean her mouth with her tougue while her daddy was rummaging thru his bag for a tissue. She's doing a pretty good job I reckon.

Falling asleep in Asakusa.

Everyone's always on the go. People don't even sit down at eating outlets when there are chairs. They prefer to stand. Here's an old man having a Red Bull. Btw, I've been told that everything can be bought from vending machines.... thus far, I've only spotted drinks and ciggies. Urban legend ler!

Monday, April 23, 2007

So... desuka!

I've finally realised where all the old people in Tokyo are... they are in Asakusa! It's a lovely part of the city slightly up north which gives one a feeling of being in an older part of Tokyo. There were loads of older folks here.. hehhehe. I'm learning more and more about life here:

1) Different people hangout in different parts of the city. One would hardly see youngsters from Harajuku or Shibuya or Shinjuku around the Ginza area.

2) Most women wear REALLY high heels and walk super fast. Hence their feet are a little deformed and they tend to walk bow-legged.

3) Shopping in Ameyoko is amazing! Bought a cool red Adidas tennis skirt among other things for only RM 15! Loads of food everywhere.

4) One can buy anything and everything from the 100 Yen shop. It's exactly like the One Pound Shops in UK.

5) Everyone's really well dressed either made up or in suits.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

An "early" start to Day 3

It's 10.20am... and we've only just woken up.. hahhha. This is what I'd call a REAL holiday!

Mori said there are 3 types of young people in Japan:

"Normal" young people - Kids who've been to university and have "regular" jobs.

"Freeters" - Those who work in restaurants, bars and other places part-time just to earn enough for a living or to travel

"Needs" - Those who live off their parents..... hahhaa. Society is so harsh!

Ok, I need to go get ready now.... it's supposed to be rainy today. :P See ya later alligator.

Lost in Tokyo

It's day 2 in Tokyo and I'm still amazed by the massive crowds... it's really intense here! Love the city, the lights and the architecture. Found ourselves lost in the subway a couple of times and ended up going round and round looking for the right exit.. hahhaha. ;) I also paid a special visit to the loo at the Aoyama-chome station. :P Had a raw egg for dinner. Thank goodness the toilets in the subway are clean. I'd have had no choice anyways. hahha.

Oh btw, it's Earth Day in Tokyo today so HAPPY EARTH DAY y'all!!! :) Here're some shots of today's sights... enjoy!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Here's to old friends whom I can call when there's no one to lunch with, who love me despite my quick tongue and sharp remarks, who drag themselves out of bed to be with me when I need company and whom I can call upon at anytime of the day.

You know who you are.... love you all!! And most of all to Mr Moo.... You're the best! Hugz!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Women in symmetry

Interesting that HL captured this at just the right angle... (iBridge dinner, Mar 07)