Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Final post for the year 2009

Excerpt of today's quiet time from Word Life....

Jesus’ attitude about his call to serve God and his relationship with his Father reveals in him an authority that transcends basic human relationships and makes Mary’s indirect rebuke almost irrelevant. Yet he is a picture of how we should all prioritise our lives before God, sometimes having to make choices that may be hard for some to understand, as we seek God’s face and pursue his ways.

Paul Woodbridge

It's been a long difficult year... I look forward to the new one with much hope and anticipation for the things He has in store for me. May I look out for the signposts that are long the pathway, lest I find myself lost once again. Happy new year 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas post

It's been AGES!

The year has been rife with disappointments, surprises and occasionally peppered with laughs. Not sure if it's all been worth it, but next year, I will strive to be my own person. Thus ends my "year of change", and I look forward to a "year of hope and new beginnings".

The theme of hope came initially through an old, long lost friend's Christmas email, and today again through the Christmas message during service. Indeed during these uncertain times, hope is much needed. Hope in a future with the Lord gives me strength to face each day. May the message of Christ's love and sacrifice be real in all our lives always!