Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lost in Tokyo

It's day 2 in Tokyo and I'm still amazed by the massive crowds... it's really intense here! Love the city, the lights and the architecture. Found ourselves lost in the subway a couple of times and ended up going round and round looking for the right exit.. hahhaha. ;) I also paid a special visit to the loo at the Aoyama-chome station. :P Had a raw egg for dinner. Thank goodness the toilets in the subway are clean. I'd have had no choice anyways. hahha.

Oh btw, it's Earth Day in Tokyo today so HAPPY EARTH DAY y'all!!! :) Here're some shots of today's sights... enjoy!

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Ronnie said...

I have been to Harajuku many many times but I never noticed a girl giving "free hugs"!! How lucky!!! I will go look for her next weekend.