Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A tribute to Irene

It is with the gift of hindsight that we discover more of the people we have spent our days with and better understand the way in which they have impacted our lives...

Aunty Irene, to me, has always been a sweet little lady, kind and always smiling. As the years went by she walked a little slower but was still as gentle and as kind. I never knew that behind that gentle demeanor was a character of strength and perseverence. Never would I have imagined that she had lived the colourful life she had. It was only at her memorial that I discovered her trials and triumphs.

Even in her passing, she has left us with a gift.. a gift of friendship :). As an outcome of the events over the past few weeks I have made friends with the Voon family, and it has been a pleasure knowing them.

Yummy Vietnamese dinner with the Voons at Cungdinh, OneBangsar

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