Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My night in KK

Went on my first "duty travel" to KK on Sunday night. Travelling on business class is NICE! ;)

Some excerpts from my trusty travel log:

"On-flight (sunday nite): Met the head of anesthetics from Queen E hospital in KK. Gave her my card - hope she emails me. Hmm, on the other hand she's a Gold Card member... hopefully she doesn't call for favours :P. Apparently she used to attend LC and knows Philip Koh, Wong Sai Weng, Susan Khoo. SMALL WORLD! Quite a chatty lady, from KL spent 12 years in KK, no family... she was telling me about the challenges she faces when dealing with the government.

Arrived yest (sunday nite): Was raining cats and dogs! Staying in the lovely Magellan Sutera Harbour. The hotel upgraded my room to a Club Room, hehe, no balcony but with a beautiful view of the marina. Too bad no camera... and no camera phone! (going to get a new phone once I'm back in town.. must, must, must). Requested for room with single bed, but none available. :(

The hotel is packed with tour groups - Japs, Koreans, Aussies, Brits, you name it!! It's a shame it's been raining in the evenings so much tho. Eric picked me up for dinner.. it was STILL raining! And we went to an Italian place in town. The soup was good, pasta so-so (mushroom ravioli in carbonara sauce) and some biscuity pizza thing which I've not had before.. yummy! Dinner turned out to be most unexpected. Eric shared a life-changing experience, a conference he attended in Taipei. It was so hot and noisy talking in the restaurant so we decided to come back to the hotel lobby for a chat. He ended up sharing Psalms 50 and praying for me :P

Could not sleep much yesterday nite... mind was working so hard! Had some strange dreams involving M, his mum and some other ppl.

Today (monday morn): Had breakfast with CoSec and dir of safety & security. EVERYONE (except the 3 of us) was in shorts and slippers.. and me? I'm in a suit.. :P

Waited and waited and waited for the presentation on BEA... still waiting now. :( Looks like the meeting's not going to end at 1pm. Met some lawyers and bankers from Spore. One of the laywers knows Zoe... :P Small world. I'm frozen stiff.. it's so cold here in the waiting area, and I think in the meeting room too. Need sleep.. ZZZZ. Gosh hope I don't need to present! And that they don't ask me questions.

Yawning now... I think I've gone to the loo 5 times. :P SO COLD! Brrrr...
Hmm, I wonder if I should take the cab home from KLIA or just take the KLIA express to KL Sentral and then get a ride home.. Think I'll do the former so that I don't trouble Dad.
Am waiting in the Golden Lounge in KK (they DO have one!) for my flight... guess who's on the same flight?!! MD, CFO, Dir of Operations... sigh. My guess is I'll be sitting next to one of them... hmm "

In hindsight, I should have gone a little earlier to KK... found out that some of my colleagues who went had a mini golfing holiday there... :P

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