Sunday, July 16, 2006

A drunk woman hit my car!

You would not believe it but a drunk woman driving without headlamps ran into my car tonight!!! There was such a loud bang! And she had the cheek to run off in her car... without even stopping to see the damage she had done!!! I chased her down the road, honking all the way and managed to stop her.... My heart was racing and as I approached her car, there were 3 other blokes who were also charging towards her... she had apparently also almost hit their car.

The woman, a 51 year old, was drunk. My bro said he could smell alchohol on her breath. She was slurring and refused to get out of the car... kept saying she didn't hit anyone. I checked her car bumper and it had red paint on it... and she still refused to get out of the car. Fortunately one of the guys whose car she almost hit had a camera phone (I really should get one!), and later my bro brought my camera and took some photos. Even then, she kept refusing to get out of the car. Fortunately there was this man, who claimed that he knows her, apparently lives on the same road. He said he would talk to her and managed to get her to promise to pay for the damage.

We agreed to meet up tomorrow to take my car to the mechanic to get a quote. I really hope she shows up as agreed and pays without any hassle. Never know what a drunk woman may or may not remember. I've taken down her Name, IC and phone number.. but as you know, she can always refuse to take my calls or change her number. In a moment of haste, I forgot to ask for her IC... I had asked her where she lives, but she said it didn't matter. O dear.... I'm so inexperienced. Should have insisted that she showed me her IC. Anyway, at least I know her number's correct. We'll see what happens tomorrow..... what a way to end the weekend.

I can't believe someone so old can behave so poorly, with so little integrity. Can't believe she tried to hit and run!!! Sigh, my poor little car.

Will post of photos of my car later... when this whole episode is over.


A chinese guy in Colchester said...

well, thank God u r alrite. i lost some people who were dear to me cuz of some guy who was high on alcohol and drugs - and driving at the same time.

a word of advice - if she doesn't turn up, lodge a police report a.s.a.p. if u wanna take her to court.

free legal counsel! unbelievable! ;-)

pumpkin said...

hey MO, haha... what a quick response. Thanks for the advice. Yup, praise God no one was hurt... have not had so much drama in a long time.

VulcanSpock said...

Yeah... you should report to the police faster than a.s.a.p, coz this way, your can claim the drunk's car insurance. Don't even need her IC, just her car plate will do, coz the police got a database on all the registered cars, and she will receive a RM300 fine for banging your car, and maybe charges for driving drunk.

(Got one myself three days before the end of last year and went through the hassle. Bleh)

someone else also said...

wow. drama in your very own front lawn.. important thing is nobody's hurt.