Sunday, July 16, 2006

Drama - Being resolved

I met the woman who hit and run, as agreed, this afternoon and we went to the workshop to get a quote. She must have been really drunk last night, because she asked me which car she hit... :P Terrible. It was fortunate that she didn't knock a kid or someone taking an evening walk.

But the good thing is that she apologized and will be paying for the damages. And guess what? She knows the mechanic that I brought the car to for the paint job... Hmm... I reckon she must have had her car done there several times.

What a hassle - had to rush back from a seminar in town and had to take half day emergency leave. Anyways, I'm just glad that it'll be over soon.


ignitemyfire said...

hey hey sista....finally checkin out yer blog...glad to hear ur cool bout the car safe


A Phantom Person said...

Wow, that woman must have been quite a drunk driver!