Sunday, August 13, 2006

Greetings from Melb!

Wowwie... the weekend was one filled with adventure and adrenaline! Had a wonderful time on Falls Creek... it was my first time skiing and t'was truly remarkable. Must say though that skiing is much more dangerous than diving. Regardless of how careful you are, others can knock into you at anytime! (A friend of mine suffered a broken wrist on the first day and had to return to Melb.. poor chap was so disappointed that he missed everything)

The mountains were so beautiful, all white and it was sunny there too. It took me a while for everything to sink in, with all the excitement and activities. There were 48 of us on the bus! And we left at about 2am on Friday morning (the bus was late and the lot of us waited out in the cold for 1 hr :P) The bus ride took about 5 hours and for the last 30 mins we were on a really winding stretch. Towards the end of the trip we could hear people retching away :P Anyhow, most of us couldn't sleep on the bus and by the time we arrived, we all looked rather dazed. Haha. However, all the tiredness wore off when we saw how lovely the surrounding was and our energy levels started to rise!!

Boy, the skis are SO HEAVY!!! Think I've developed right shoulder muscles from lugging them around :P. Apart from that, skiing's so cool!! It's amazing feeling the air on my face and feeling the rush of adrenaline and fear that comes with looking down a steep slope!! I had my share of ending up with my butt on the snow and jumping off ski-lifts (I didn't get off in time and realised that the ground was already about 2 feet from my feet and everyone was already off... hahahha). But all in all, it was wonderful!

The lessons really helped and gave me a better idea of how to respond to different slopes and more importantly, HOW TO STOP!! Hahha... and yes, I kept hearing "SNOW PLOUGH!". There were so many people on the slopes, it being a weekend. It really amused me that little munchkins were moving about so comfortably on the snow and I was moving like someone in a 3-legged race. Haha, anyhow, I'd love to be back on the slopes... perhaps South Korea next time round - I've heard it's lovely there.

Will post photos when I get back to KL at the end of the week. :)

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martin said...

yup!! skiing is GREAT fun. The first time I skied I went for an intensive 3 your a day, 6 days a week session. by day 3 my feet were covered in blisters but I still went another 3 days as I had so much fun:)